Why You Need to Consider Used Or Refurbished Fitness Equipment?

December and January are big months for fitness equipment retailers and health clubs. We will all probably agree at the hustle and bustle of life can be difficult. Some run off into the local Sports Retailer and will decide on a brand new elliptical trainer or a treadmill rather and buy a piece of equipment to get started.

Some of what you might see in the retail shops may in reality be decent but most of it's just flimsy, what many customers may not know is that you can purchase quality used commercial fitness equipment exactly like corporate wellness facilities have for a fraction of the initial price. These are brand names you typically will be familiar with such as Life Fitness, Precor, True Fitness, Body Masters, Cybex, Hammer Strength, and much more. Equipment is leased by many large gyms and after 2-5 years replace everything. This is where you can receive a deal as some painted of the elliptical and treadmills and circuit are washed repaired and fully reconditioned to be in like new shape. 

For instance consider a Life fitness Elliptical trainer when a state of the art layout change comes along the manufacturers will follow suite and then the older design is phased out the Life Fitness 95Ex elliptical brand-new MSRP cost is $6995.00 you will pick these up for say $2100.00 plus it will continue the rest of your life. The Precor design has shifted several times so you can grab a reconditioned Precor EFX 546 that still works great for about $1700 that sold new for $5895.00 When buying refurbished equipment take it for a test drive make certain it smooth and all electronic parts are working.

The majority of the used gear will be out of guarantee for the maker but remember this equipment was intended for heavy abusive use and when it had been properly refurbished with worn or damaged parts repaired or replaced then you should have a lot more years of pleasure from gear. 

Some of the traders may offer a brief term warranty like 30-60 times or some can even offer it as a additional option for a fee such as 3-6 weeks or 1 year to you. Remember warranties usually specify whether components are covered by it and or labor. The labour portion is always the part of any guarantee because if the timing required of a certified tech should you need repairs. 

The main point is find a company that has been in the market a few years and looks reputable and is willing to allow you to observe the equipment and try it out. Compare prices on equipment and do your homework but also look at the model and how old it is. If your on a budget you might decide on a piece that's a bit old but still in great form.

The best analogy is its like discovering that old car with low miles that seems like it was garaged for most its lifetime. Times equipment is extracted from a centre which was located in the corner and nobody used that machine much or wasn't used. Use a keen eye and good judgment and you can experience a genuine gym workout from home with no more than 30 minutes 3 days weekly buy shopping smart and finding the right deal that suits space your needs and wallet. 

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